My name is Bart Riepe. I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. For now, I build great software and products, hopefully I'll become similarly great at building companies and cultures sometime in the future.

This blog is my attempt to put my thoughts and experiences into writing, and it'll no doubt be a fairly personal reflection of what I'm dealing with at any given point in time, and not always politically correct.

I'm currently employed by SpringerNature, which used to be Nature Publishing Group. They merged, and now it's a bigger and more confusing, but also more interesting company (Nature is slightly old fashioned, but has a great reputation and exclusivity, while Springer is fairly progressive and has a large customer base).

At the same time, I run a consulting business under the name of this website, Serial Experiments (formerly Coronum Webdevelopment), so contact me if you need something done, or want advice in that area (advice, to a point, comes free).

The projects I'm working on at the moment are Chronolog, an application to keep track of the work you are doing during the day, 98Clicks, which is a news website with news from all over the world on the same page and Multiweaver, which aims to be a website where people can meet other people interested in playing the same games.

Lastly, I'm trying to revive a website I build in the past,, out of nostalgia and because it was actually the most useful website I ever built.