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A long while ago, I used to have an application for windows that was incredibly simple, and would combine an image with a random inspirational quote from some online source, and set that as my desktop picture. I'd also long forgotten about that, but recently I thought of it again, and went hunting for some similar program. Since I couldn't find anything that was both free and had all the features I wanted (there's enough programs that will automatically download a background, but very few that will add a quote). I decided to write such a program myself, partially to keep my C# skills up a bit, and partially because it's just a delight to work with anything .NET.

The end result looks like this:

Image of desktop

And the settings screen like this:

Image of settings

I didn't initially want to add the local images, since it's less simple, but I found I don't particularly like looking at random images of cars, even with inspirational quotes on top.

You can download the application here. Sorry for the fact that it's a zip archive, but I don't understand Visual Studio Installers yet.

If you are interested, you can find the source code on github:

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