A fresh start

I have been using medium for the past 2 years, since their writing system was quite pleasant to use. However, I've recently grown concerned about both their future, and the fact that I just can't find a nice way to embed it in my personal website. Therefore, I restarted all of that and now have a fresh new personal website again. I've moved some of the not terribly embarrassing content over, but left out some of the more ragey posts.

My plan is to write a short (or long) update on here about my efforts in starting a product company either in partnership or by myself. I feel like I've been going about it wrong, and writing about it might help me put my thoughts into actions better, as well as garner advice that I previously wouldn't have gotten.

Right now, there's 2 things that I'm explicitly trying to bootstrap: 98clicks.com and chronolog.us. 98clicks.com in partnership, and chronolog by myself.

My god I hate writing...

I have lots of stuff How to get multiple Sidekiq processes running on AWS OpsWorks
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