I have lots of stuff

I just realized, that I have an insane amount of projects I'm working on, or have worked on in the past. I used to think this was a bad thing, as I've never quite finished any of them, but as I set out tonight to make sure that each and every one of them was backed up, I realized that I'm actually quite proud of all the things I've done in the past 10 years (which is about the time I started saving/building my projects).

I don't think I've built things that I don't still have a copy of somewhere, and that's, when you think about it, quite fucking cool.

It's spread out over some 4 differerent repositories, half of it resides on my home server (contrary to expectations, you can do a great deal with 50GB in terms of code). Over time, I think I've started with SVN at a company I worked at, which luckily introduced me to version control quite early, and I've therefore saved pretty much everything from university on. It took me a while to version those projects, but happily I had them stored on a backup drive before that.

I've used Kiln (Mercurial), Bitbucket (Mercurial/Git), Github (Git) and Gitlab (self-hosted/Git) so far. And pretty much everything is spread out between those. Even though I swore never to switch from Mercurial to Git, I eventually did, for reasons I don't quite understand myself, but I guess it was the point at which I finally found I understood enough of Git to actually use it competently. The more arcane commands still escape me, but at least I'm certain that whatever I want to do with it, I can generally do by a combination of googling, shell hacking, and plain removing of the whole repository.

At the moment, I'm trying to get it all in one location, since having it spread out is going to be problematic in the future, so I've settled on trying to get at least all the codebases on the same gitlab server, then have that backed up to Backblaze b2, so even if my home or remote server burns down, I'll still have the ability to recover somehow.

That also reminded me of the fact that I ran (or still run) a consultancy, which has a few client websites hosted that are currently a mix between code is only on server, and code is only in repository. I need to make sure that the source of truth for all of those becomes the repository, since any other thing is just waiting for data to be lost somewhere.

Sorry, I lost track of what point I was trying to make somewhere, but basically, I just want to say, having a large history of code you wrote, and being able to look back on and be proud of it (even if the early code is a testament to how shitty code can be) is fucking AWESOME.

I used to think I'd been born too late to do awesome things, but seeing all that I'm not so sure anymore.

Do you have equally awesome things?

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